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Sandbox VIA in details

product details

The Sandbox VIA is the first truly personal, in-home (or office) cloud storage device for individuals and families. It lets you store a TB of content (photos, videos, music, documents) in a compact 3” cube, and access it instantly from anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the Key Features that Sandbox VIA offers its users.

The VIA is also a smart home router that provides a strong, uniform WiFi signal throughout the home, and offers valuable features like the ability to let visitors connect to your home WiFi simply by clicking on a token created on your Sandbox app (iOS and Android), and AirDropped or texted to them.

Here are some of the Key Features that Sandbox VIA offers its users.

Obtain 200 times as much storage as you can from other public cloud storage services to store a terabyte of family photos, videos, music and documents – in fact, anything and everything digital. Access your content instantly, at any time and from anywhere in the world – whether you are at home, on the road for business, or on vacation.

Here are some of the Key Features that Sandbox VIA offers its users.


Sandbox VIA tech specs

Size and Dimensions
76 mm x 76 mm x 76 mm
1 TB
Cast videos and photos to compatible devices
Wifi Password Sharing Token
Wireless, Easily moveable to any location
Wifi, Bluetooth
In the Box
One Sandbox VIA device,
Quick start guide

Sandbox VIA Features

What it can do
  • foto Lots of Space Storing 1 TB of content. View your content from anywhere, in home, at the office, at a restaurant, visiting with family, at the beach, or out of the country. The VIA lets you effortlessly sync the files, photos and videos on your laptop, desktop or phone with a single tap on your Sandbox app, whether you are 3 feet away from it , or 3,000 miles away on a business trip or on vacation.
  • foto Cast Your Content Wirelessly “cast” content to smart TVs, smartphones and other devices in the house with one touch on your Sandbox app. You can entertain your parents visiting your home, or your children being watched over by a babysitter, by SandCasting videos or music from your VIA to your TV at home – even while you are at a restaurant, at a party or at the office.
  • foto Smart Wifi Router Home router providing powerful and uniform WiFI coverage, greatly reducing the “dark WiFi spots” and “WiFi shadows”. Give your visitors access to your home WiFi without having to give them your router password. Simply create a WiFi “Share” token using the Sandbox app, and Airdrop, text or email it. They tap on the icon and are connected – it’s that simple!

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